AMC Welcomes Civilian Health Promotion Services

| Air Mobility Command | Feb. 15, 2018


Civilian Health Promotion Services, available to the workforce of Air Mobility Command providing free wellness resources to employees, guide them toward healthy lifestyles through awareness of current health status and behavior modification skills.    

The CHPS program was initiated in Air Force Materiel Command in 2006 to enhance the readiness and productivity of the workforce, and to minimize personal risk of preventable illness, injury, or suicide. The Air Force approved a 2-year CHPS pilot to AMC which began in fiscal year 2017, and is now fully operational now providing over 76,000 Air Force civilian employees at AMC and AFMC with access to CHPS services.

 CHPS services offered to the workforce include: wellness screenings, health education classes, health awareness campaigns, wellness challenges, and the CHPS website portal.

The Cardiac Risk Profile is a wellness screening, found on the portal that measures a participant’s cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides, and blood pressure values. Sleep health, prevention of chronic disease, and self-care basics are examples of over 40 health education classes offered to enhance individual well-being. 

In addition to its range of services CHPS also provides employees the opportunity to practice new lifestyle behavior skills through participation in wellness challenges that focus on physical activity and weight management.

All of CHPS services are available to AMC federal civilians. Active Duty members are eligible to participate in health education programs, wellness challenges, health awareness campaigns and can access the wellness website portal.

Active Duty members are not eligible for wellness screenings.  Contractors and family members of AMC civilians are also not eligible for CHPS services. is the CHPS website portal which allows participants access to tools to enhance their mental, social, spiritual, and physical health.

During February, CHPS will promote the “Do You Know Your Numbers” health awareness campaign.  The goal of the campaign is to screen employees and inform them on how risk factors can impact their health. 

Risk factors are traits and lifestyle behaviors that raise an individual’s risk of disease.  Early identification and management of risk factors through healthy lifestyle behavior can help individuals stay healthy and live a long, productive life. The calendar of events for the campaign is listed on the CHPS website portal,

For more information regarding wellness screenings and health education offerings, contact the CHPS team at ( or visit