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Counselors at law: Defending all Airmen June 4, 2018 —     Making career mistakes is common; some are minor and can be fixed with a little tape while others can be detrimental enough to result in financial setbacks or physical impairments.     Military members have the unique concern of what legal repercussions may occur when a mistake is made.     As members of the U.S. Air Force, Airmen are given MORE

A little boy’s dream to become a golden star May 7, 2018 —     The smells of festival food fill the air as he climbs over enormous static aircraft displays. Pausing in his exploration, Landon, a 4-year-old New Jersey boy, looks up and sees them; plummeting from the sky as trails of smoke follow behind them creating red-stained spirals in the midst of the clouds.    They formed diamonds and stars in the sky MORE

It’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Learn how to protect yourself May 1, 2018 — If you had to guess which type of cancer is the most common in the U.S., which one would you choose? Breast cancer? Lung or prostate cancer? Actually, every year, 5.4 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the U.S. — that’s more than every other cancer type combined. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and it’s a great time to learn a little about skin cancer, what to look for and how to protect yourself. MORE

Behind the scenes: The making of an air show April 30, 2018 —     Imagine for a moment your favorite television show. Every show has a few stars that everyone knows, but there are many others like the extras, set designers, camera crew, script writers and director, who are needed make the show happen.     The Power in the Pines Open House and Air Show at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst is just the same. MORE

No regrets: Air Force wrestling veteran goes for gold February 20, 2018 — He has arms like legs and legs like tree trunks. Trained to peak-condition, his body is acclimated to sweat up to 6 pounds during a single workout. Those who know him best, his teammates, compare him to He-Man. He is one of the most decorated athletes on the U.S. Air Force Wrestling Team. MORE

Like father, like daughter: Second generation pilot February 12, 2018 — It’s 1953, Columbus Air Force Base pilot training graduation, and after months of extensive training and dedication, then 2nd Lt. Charles Carter Jr. proudly pinned on his brand new silver wings as an F-86 Sabre pilot for the very first time. He then went on to lead a 28-year career, retiring as major. Fifty-five years later, his daughter, U.S. Air MORE

Air Force wrestlers leave it all on the mat February 5, 2018 — Twenty exhausted athletes shuffle out of a 92 degree room into the cold New Jersey air; the freezing wind visibly wicks the sweat from their tired faces. The breakneck pace of a day just beginning seems to spur them on – motivated. Driven to fatigue, they have left the mats in that sauna-like room stained with blood, sweat and tears. MORE

CSM Gillespie looks to the future of ASA Dix December 8, 2017 —    The history of Fort Dix is etched into the very foundation of Wurman Hall. Portraits of previous installation commanders and command sergeants major neatly line the walls. Generations of Soldiers and leaders have left their mark with black and white photos ascending from the past into color. At the end of the hallway sits the newest incumbent of MORE

Bioenvironmental combats chemicals; ensures base safety November 6, 2017 — Perhaps the first line of defense in preventive medicine, the 87th Aerospace Medicine Squadron Bioenvironmental team is on-site at organizations, identifying and preventing chemical-borne illnesses before they can occur.   As technology progresses and society has become more aware of the dangers of certain chemical agents, these soldiers of MORE

Air Force and Navy law enforcement partners fight crime October 18, 2017 — A vehicle barreled past the gate guards and sped toward the McGuire-side flightline, the driver’s intent unclear. Within seconds, a call to action buzzed across the hand-held radios. Tires screeched as response vehicles maneuvered and altered course to seek out the suspect. Blue and red lights flashed while sirens blared as the defenders blitzed MORE

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